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History of the Pokies Casino Game

Today pokies are a popular choice among many gamblers, not only in Australian but around the world as well. In Australia, many people do not have to go further than their local pub to play their favourite slot machines. However, in other parts of the world slots are more commonly found in casinos where hundreds of machines are operating in one room.

Due to advancements with technology, today players can even enjoy slot games online.

Before we look at the development of slots, let’s take a step back in time to where it all began.

Earliest Form of Slot Games

The first ever slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in the 1900’s. The slot was called the Liberty Bell and featured only a few icons. The highest paying symbol was the Liberty Bell icon. The jackpots were not impressive, however, the popularity of the game boomed astronomically.

While the Liberty Bell was developed in San Francisco, in Brooklyn around the same time frame the first five-reel slot machine was being invented. This five-reel slot was developed by Sittman and Pitt and contained ten cards from a standard playing deck of cards. The goal of this pokie was to spin a winning poker hand. These machines were popular in many bars and pubs. However, these pokies were not as popular as the three-reel slot machines. The reason for this was purely because there were fewer reels spinning.

As time progressed, slots became more and more popular even though they were not 100% legalised in certain countries such as Australia. This did prevent slot machines from popping up around the world. Many Australians had access to slots in the early 1900’s despite their legal status within the country. However, in the 1950’s an Australian company known as Aristocrat saw the potential in slot machines and designed their very own version. This slot was originally called the Clubman, but later renamed to the Clubmaster.

One year after Clubmaster, Australian government starting legalising casino gambling and the industry boomed within the country. Not only did it change gambling as Australians knew it, but it also changed the face of gambling around the world.

Electronic Slots

For many decades, the game of slot machines went unchanged. It was until the 1960’s when the first electronic poker machine was invented. This slot was developed by Bally, and was called Money Honey.

These slot machines offered much larger payouts and players were able to play without the assistance of attendants. Within a few years, these slot machines dominated the slots industry as they were much more convenient and play was uninterrupted.

Industry Leap

1976, witnessed the biggest developments with the introduction of video slots. These slots were the first to rely on a graphical interface where the reels were displayed on a screen.

These pokies allowed room for more symbols, paylines and control over the odds by operators. These kinds of slots were first played in Las Vegas casinos. They have never had the power to drive electronic slots out of the industry, but they sure changed the way slots were played.

Online Pokies

Video Pokies gave way to online pokies with huge technological developments. Mid-1990’s even saw the first of many online casinos being introduced. These casinos accelerated the gambling industry as developers quickly improved their capabilities. The animations and 3D-graphics that were introduced in online pokies were absolutely flawless and as time went by, they became more and more phenomenal.

Players even managed to find more features and bonus rounds that made these pokie games even more attractive. Some pokies were linked together which introduced progressive jackpots. These jackpots award gamblers with payouts worth millions. Online Casinos took this phenomenon to a new level when they started offering traditional casino games, with the introduction of new games.

Slots Today

Today players can even enjoy their favourite casino games directly from their mobile devices. These devices include smartphones and tablets. All smartphones that use Apple (IOS), Android, Blackberry, and Windows operating systems support mobile gaming. There’s no doubt that mobile gaming has changed on-the-go entertainment as we know it.

Pokie Game Rules

Online pokies are a popular choice for many casino goers. This is simply due to their large payouts for a lucky spin. Pokie rules are straightforward, and the game is random as there is very little skill and strategy required. Despite this simplicity, there are still some basic rules to master to get the most from your game play.

Firstly, it is important to familiarise yourself with the bonus features associated with your chosen pokie game. This information will be displayed on the game screen. Alternatively, you will be able to find this information by selecting the game under our Games Index page.

Secondly, to begin your game play, players should place their bets. To do this, players can wager different coin denominations and a different number coins per line. This will vary the minimum and maximum bet that can be placed. It will always be a good idea to choose a coin size that fits your wallet. However, bear in mind that to be eligible for the main jackpot, you are required to bet the maximum. Once you have selected you bet, you will be able to select the spin button. Watch the reels spins and see what fortune is in store for you!

If you are lucky enough to activate a bonus feature, this feature will be played before you may wager your next spin. For any winning combination you manage to spin, players can collect their winnings before logging out. It will be wise to make yourself aware of the withdrawal policy at Golden Riviera Casino to know the limitations of weekly and monthly withdrawals.

Odds of Winning with Slots

Slot games have an equal opportunity of landing a winning combination. With the simplicity style of gameplay, easy to understand rules with little skill required, this casino game is popular for many gamblers. However, due to players having very little control over such casino games, many high rollers prefer to play table games.

Due to technological advancements, slot games have become more equalised. The development of a random number generator has meant the casino game is now producing more random and fair outcomes. Today, the odds of winning with slots is more standardised. So each time you give your favourite slot game a spin, you will have a fair opportunity of spinning a winning combination.

In addition to the development of technology that has standardised the game, online slots have led to even more developments. These developments come in the form of more paylines and more features which in return increases your chances of forming a winning combination from one spin.

Slots Strategies and Tips

Slots are games that offer wins at random. When you spin the reels, it is quite possible to spin two winning combinations in a row without implementing a strategy. Basically, this is because no strategy gamblers can develop to improve their odds of winning.

However, with this been said there are a few strategic tips that can help reduce a player’s losses when play slots.

These tips include:

  • Budget: Before you start making any deposits on your favourite slot game, it will be good to set yourself a budget. This amount allocated should indicate the amount of money you are willing to lose without any wins. Setting a budget will prevent players from spending money they may have allocated for other necessary monthly expenses such as housing or utility bills.
  • Choose a Game that suits your style. It is always wise to choose a game that suits your style of play. This means choosing either a classic, progressive or video pokie game to enjoy. One other aspect to take into consideration when choosing a slot game, is to choose one that suits your budget. It would be far more fun to choose a game that you can spin a good few times, than choosing one where you spin a handle full of times and your budget is finished.
  • Game Features. Before you start playing, read a game preview of your chosen slot game. This helps you understand how the game works and the special features on offer. In some instances, you will come across special features that will offer you more ways to win. Generally, special features will take you to bonus games and then return you to the base game. Other features to be familiar with include nudge features and auto spin features.
  • Rules. Just like getting to know the game features, you should get to know the game rules. This is because when it comes to claiming the jackpot, there are different rules that may apply. For example; during some slot games, jackpots can be activated at random, while during others it will require you to bet the maximum number of coins on an active payline.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pokies

How old do I need to be to legally play pokies in Australia?

In Australia, participants must be over the age of 18 to legally play Australian Pokies. In addition, participants must have a valid method of payment in their own name.

How much can I win playing Online Pokies?

Online Pokies jackpots vary from pokie to pokie. However, the highest paying jackpots are the progressive jackpots. These jackpots have the ability to reach millions.

Are there any Free Pokies available?

Most Australian Online Casinos offer a Free Play mode. This gives players the opportunity to get a feel of pokies and the online casino environment before playing for real money. However, any winnings that a player manages to win during the free play mode cannot be redeemed for real cash.

How to play mobile pokies?

Mobile pokies can easily be enjoyed directly from smartphones or tablet devices. Majority of smartphones that have Apple (IOS), Android, Blackberry or Windows software will support mobile pokies.

How to win with online pokies?

Pokie games offer players numerous ways to win incredible payouts. First of all, to make sure you win something epic, always pick a casino such as Golden Riviera Casino where you are continuously being offered bonuses and promotions that stretch your real account casino balance a little further. Secondly, we recommend you pick a pokie that has a high percentage payout rate. Additionally, we would recommend you wager the maximum coins per payline, familiarise yourself with the game rules and bonus features.

How do Pokie machines work?

The most basic principle of online pokies to select the amount you would like to wager, and press the spin button to rotate a series of reels. The payout will be based on the icons you manage to land on the active paylines. However, to ensure that all spins are random, the results are based on a random number generator.

What is a flat top pokie machine?

Flat Top pokies refers to the type of jackpot a particular pokie machine offers. Jackpots can either be fixed whereby they do not increase with the number of participants depositing into them or they can be progressive. A progressive jackpot will increase gradually each time a player wagers on the machine. Flat Top pokie machines have the tendency to offer fixed jackpots which as mentioned do not change.

What is the relation between pokies and the number 7?

The number 7 is regarded as a symbol of good fortune across many cultures. The number seven symbol was found in the first pokie machines invented and have stayed a common feature. On the contrary, there is also a belief that the number 7 is superstitious. However, this does not prevent the frequent use of the number 7 as symbol or title name.

Why are pokies so entertaining?

Pokie machines have proven themselves with the great variety they have to offer. Players are able to come across numerous different themes and special features that can be found. Many pokie games today are based on popular movies, series, and well-known individuals.

What is a progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase each time a gambler wagers on the pokie. Progressive jackpots can either be stand-alone jackpots or network jackpots. Stand-alone jackpots are pokies where is the jackpot increases with wagers made on only one pokie machine. A network progressive jackpot is accumulated from a number of pokie machine across the same software provider, for example, MicrogamingTM.

How to pokie machines generate random figures?

The random number generator (RNG) functions as the pokie machines “brain”. The RNG is a type of micro-processor placed inside the pokie that generates random numbers. Pokies will continuously generate random numbers every millisecond which are selected with every wager placed by gamblers.

How Pokie Buttons Work

Auto Start/ Stop: This button will automatically start and stop spinning the reels for a pre-selected number of spins.

+ and -: This button will either increase (+) or decrease (-) your bet when you select the respective option.

Lines: This button will either increase or decrease the number of paylines you are wagering on. Alternatively, it can also reset the number of paylines.

Bets Per Line: This button will add more coins to a single bet line.

Maximum Bet: This button will automatically bet the maximum per payline, activate all paylines and will automatically start spinning the reels.

Spin/ Stop: This button will start and stop spinning the reels. As soon as the reels stop spinning the results will be displayed. During the auto spin mode, the reels will stop spinning, but the auto spin mode will not be deactivated.

Gamble: This will allow players to place a new bet and gamble all winnings from the previous spin. Players will have the option to increase their winnings.

Collect: This button will allow players to claim their winnings.

Slot Glossary

  • 3-Reel: 3-Reel Slots are usually regarded as classic slots which feature a maximum of 5 paylines. The game play is easy to grasp and there are simple bonus and gamble features.
  • 5-Reel: 5-Reel slots are slightly more complex as they offer numerous ways of winning and feature up to a total of 1024 ways to win. These types of slots contain Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, Bonus Rounds, Expanding Reels, and Expanding Wilds. These slots are designed with more experience players in mind and offer much greater rewards.
  • Bankroll: This is the gambling industry term for the amount of money a player allocates to themselves to spend at the casino. It is the amount they are willing to lose without any winnings.
  • Bonus Game: Bonus games are included in a slot to make your experience more exciting. These bonus games vary from pokie to pokie and can be triggered either at random or as a result of landing a specified combination of symbols.
  • Coin Size: This is the value of each coin a player wagers. In most instances, the maximum number of coins need to be wagered in order to be eligible for the maximum jackpot.
  • Expanding Wilds: This feature is only associated with few slot games. When it does feature, it serves to provide players with extra payouts. When a Wild symbol lands in a specific position, it has the power to spread the Wild vertically and effectively increasing your winning potential.
  • Fixed Jackpot: This jackpot is pre-set to a fixed amount which cannot be altered.
  • Free Spins: Free Spins can be activated either at random or through the appearance of a certain number of Scatter Symbols on a specified payline.
  • Hit: This is the most basic way to explain a winning combination.
  • Maximum Bet: The highest amount of money a player is able to wager per spin.
  • Minimum Bet: The lowest amount a player can wager per spin.
  • Multiplier: The Multiplier feature is associated with Wild symbols, Free Spins and bonus rounds. The feature can be triggered when a certain a number of Wilds appear on the reels or on a certain reel. Multipliers come with specific values ad will multiply your winnings by that set amount.
  • Payline: This the line along which a combination of winning symbols need to be lined up. Paylines will payout according to the slot’s pay table.
  • Pay Table: The Pay Table describes the payout amounts for each possible winning combination. It also explains how players can access the bonus features and rounds found in certain slot games.
  • Scatter Symbol: Scatter Symbols are special symbols which can trigger bonus features such as Free Spins and Multipliers. These are usually triggered with the appearance of 3 or more Scatter icons.
  • Progressive Jackpot: These jackpots are best known for their increasing jackpot amounts that grow each time a player places a wager on the relevant slot. Progressive jackpots can either be stand-alone or networked. Stand-alone progressive jackpots relate to only one machine, while networked progressive jackpots connect the same slot game played across multiple casinos using the same software provider such as MicrogamingTM.
  • Wild Symbol: Wild Symbols are the symbols needed in order to unlock bonus games and claim the jackpot. These symbols can substitute for all other symbols to help form a winning combination. They also have the ability to act as Multipliers.
  • Winning Combination: This is a combination of symbols that a player has to spin in order to claim the relevant payout. This combination consists of a minimum of 3 symbols, including a Wild, if there is a Wild Symbol on the slot.